Out of My Head: Screening and Migraine Q&A (RIH)

Date: Friday, March 16
Time: 3:15 – 4:45 p.m.
Place: George Auditorium, RI Hospital, 593 Eddy St., Providence RI (directions)

Open to: All (recommended for middle-school and up)
Price: Free
Space available: 128

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Join the Rhode Island-based Association of Migraine Disorders for the first-ever Rhode Island screening of this impressive, full-length documentary, Out of My Head. Whether you have migraine disease, are a loved one, friend or co-worker of someone that suffers with migraines or are none of the above (chances are you are one of the above, though), you will be amazed by what you learn from this film.

About Out of My Head: The filmmaker sets out to investigate the devastating migraine attacks that have her daughter in their grip, and decides to make a film about it. As mother and daughter seek understanding and ever-elusive treatment, we follow them into a bizarre and fascinating world populated by doctors, neuroscientists, other migraineurs, and such unexpected characters as Lewis Carroll, Sigmund Freud, and Joan Didion. We learn that, rather than just a terrible headache, migraine is a complex, deeply stigmatized neurological disease afflicting nearly a billion people worldwide. This kaleidoscopic journey, told through interviews, cinema verite, art and animation, explores the history, impact and raw emotion evoked by this unpredictable and confounding condition.

Refreshments served. Question and answer session following screening.