Live Bait: True Stories From Real People

Phil Goldman and Jerry Gregoire

Date: Tuesday, March 2
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Place: AS220, 95 Empire Street Providence, RI (directions)
Open to: Recommended for adults and young adults (high school)
Price: $7.00
Space available: 100 seats

Always wanted to tell a true story to a group of supportive and welcoming friends, family and strangers? Here’s your chance! Put your name in the fishbowl and after getting picked, you’ve got 6 minutes to share a little piece of yourself. No notes, no rants, just a true-life story, told like you’re telling friends over drinks. In honor of the upcoming Brain week, this month’s theme is “Brainstorm.” If your story in any way, shape or form fits the theme, come on down and tell it. (You are welcome to just come and listen too.)

For more details, see the Live Bait AS220 page and Facebook page.

Phil Goldman: Host and founder of Live Bait, Phil has spent lots of time in Asia doing Tai Chi and working as a jungle guide. He currently teaches storytelling, Taoism, Tai Chi and meditation at School One in Providence.

Jerry Gregoire: musical accompaniment, sidekick, and long-time friend of Phil’s who met in the improvisation troupe ImprovBoston. When Phil started Live Bait, he couldn’t do it without Jerry.